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The "LAB" is a cognitive & visual processing enhancement solution, improving the way you interact with information and data. It enhances the measurable aspects of interaction between the eyes and brain. By exercising the eyes and training the brain, we can increase the activity in the brain, which plays a central role in the mental well-being and the ability to preform in the work place.

The Art of Training Intelligence

Our solution has an improved lifestyle focal point, application and outcome. It addresses the leading training deficiency of our time that has a multi-billion dollar global impact in terms of education, qualification, performance & efficiency in the market place; which results in high cost of support systems and generates a giant loss in national productivity and profits.

Acquiring & Processing Information

Learning, thinking & productivity is about the training of the skill to internalize & process information. The information is stored in one region of the brain while the processing of that information takes place in another region of the brain - the prefrontal cortex. It is here where we think, argue & make our decisions from. It plays a central role in both the creativity and efficiency of our choices and actions.


What are thoughts? They are a burst of electro-chemical reactions, the number and complexity of these reactions make it difficult yet fun to research and understand.
"Minds are simply what brains can do" -Marvin Lee Minsky.
By training the natural ability of the eye-brain performance we can make the brain physically stronger and sharper. With the LAB we increase the mental capacity of individuals and construct new neurological pathways for brain growth.

Get Ahead of Yourself

To create a better future we must be able to read, comprehend & think better. By training the natural ability of the eye-brain performance we can make the brain physically sharper and stronger to interact more effectively with information & data.
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Realtime & Multi Device

Scalable & Individualised

Our solutions are interactive and individualised, it is cloud hosted and accessible from any where at any time. Users can login effortlessly at their leisure from any device with web browsing capabilities. Our solution includes a pre- and post-evaluation module benchmarked against international norms and standards.

Smartly Developed & Maintained

Powerful Performance

We deliver first-to-market solutions grounded on scientific outcomes, and we create significant competitive barriers in the development of smart strategic modules in the supply & demand end of the value chain. In our quest for perfection we partner with world-class developers and find innovative technologies to integrate with our researched modules.

Research & Development


We have made it our passion to research, understand and measure how cognitive and visual processing demands are shifting globally. We specialize in generating timeous solutions addressing future challenges and demands in the marketplace. We engage with smart and lean teams, & we pursue our business with enthusiasm.

Increasing performance

The quality of the mind influences what happens in the space between stimulus and response. In this space we choose the outcome of life. - Viktor Frankl

Mind activation

LAB offers the basis to ensure a strong foundation for future interaction with knowledge and information

Visual processing factor

Measurable aspects of visual skills development relates to occular motor and perceptual improvements

Cognitive development factor

Comprehension is developed against the complexity of content and includes lower order- and higher order thinking skills

AIU Factor

Competence in interaction with information is measured with the Action- Interpret- Understand Factor

Learning organization

This system provides organizations with an opportunity to set benchmarks that are defined in terms of international norms

Bridge the Information- application gap

The competitive business environment linked to global economic conditions amplifies the need to develop our human resources

Activated Users




On Line Solution

Online access ensures 99% up time

Eye brain gym

Develop visual skills, vocabulary, and memory

Virtual Lab

Automated self paced system

Monitored Profiles

Dedicated profile monitors for accurate implementation

Researched systems

Diagnostic interpretation of results for new developments


Knowledge and skill attainment through cognitive development

scaffolded exercises

Read faster and more effectively


Remember and internalize information

LM&M Platform

Real-time individual and group reporting

The way forward

Rewire your future
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Dynamics of Interaction with Information

Success in interaction with knowledge takes place when we are able to acquire exstensive knowledge that affects what we see, and because we know how to organize , represent, and interpret information in our environment, this knowledge then influence our abilities to remember, reason, and solve problems.

Experts know how to interact with information specific to their field in such a way that knowledge gained from textbooks and research frames their perspectives about that specific field. Knowledge is no longer merely a list of isolated facts but rather knowledge comes to exsist within an extremely organized and contextualised formation.

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